Photon – Particle Creator For Quartz (Swift & Objective-C)

particle generator quartz, xcode, -- gerador de partículas, quartz, xcodeGraphical multi-layer, multi-level tool for the creation of particle effects in Objective-C and Swift (CAEmitterLayer & CAEmitterCell). Using Photon you can create all kind of particle effects for your applications such as smoke, fire or sparkles that can also add beautiful details to your interface or animations.       [youtube video=zWh6ePzEVl8]   SAVES YOUR DEVELOPMENT TIME Photon is a graphical multi-layer, multi-level tool for the creation of CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCells, meaning a tool for the creation of Quartz particles that can be used with any UIKit interface. Yes, multi-layer and multi-level. You can create countless layers in the order you want, each one with its own emitters and multi-level arrangements of particles. You can have particles, emitting particles, emitting particles in countless levels. Photon comes with several pre-created multi-level effects ready for use: color puff, comet, doppler effect, explosion, fire, fireball, smoking fireball, fireworks, glittering, hyper drive in space, lone star, rings, rocket motor, snow, soccer balls flying (can be configured with any image), space cloud, sun, time tunnel, UFO in flames, water bubbling, waterfall and white smoke. You can also adjust when in time a particle/emitter starts, delaying the effect and much more. You have 22 parameters you can adjust on all emitters plus 37 parameters you can adjust on all particles (emitter cells). EXPORTS TO OBJECTIVE-C AND SWIFT You create your emitters and particles graphically, export everything in Objective-C or Swift and paste it on your own code. In seconds, instead of hours, you have your particles alive and kicking and ready to go. You save hours of development time, reducing the frustration and removing trial-and-error from the equation. FREE LIBRARY OF PARTICLE SEEDS You receive free, with all paid copies of Photon, a library of images to be used as particle seeds. Current library includes circles (in yellow, white, red, green and blue), brightness seed, bubble, cloud, coin, dollar bill, euro coin, ellipse, earth, baseball, foam, football, soccer ball, gradient ring, happy star, heart contour, solid heart, smoke puff, snow flake, angry and smiling smiley, white and orange solid star, contour star, USA flag, volleyball, blue water drop, transparent water drop and others. More images will be added over time (see picture). You can also use your own images as a particle seeds. Don’t waste your time. Get Photon now and make your app shine.
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