Photoshop CC Course

Photoshop CC Course - Curso Photoshop CCLearn the easy way, how to use photoshop! CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL WITH 20+ YEARS OF MARKET EXPERIENCE AND AUTHOR OF 16 BOOKS IN EUROPE AND USA (APRESS) LEARN PHOTOSHOP CC NOW is a basic course about PHOTOSHOP. With 25 lessons and a total of 65 minutes of videos in english, this course shows in a hands on approach, how to use Photoshop to do all kinds of operations, like adjusting colors and levels, taming the interface, improve photographs and more. LEARN PHOTOSHOP CC NOW is a course for all kind of people, from pros to amateurs, students or digital photography enthusiasts or by those who simply want to learn Photoshop or improve their pictures.   LESSONS 1. A general view about Photoshop’s interface 2. How the Ruler Tool and the Notes Tool work 3. All About Colors and their formats 4. How powerful is the Brush Tool 5. How to dark/light or remove colors from images 6. How to blur, increase sharpness or smudge images 7. Differences between the Brush and the Pencil Tools 8. How to get and compare colors 9. All about layers, blending modes and the Layers panel 10. Several selection methods and how to use them 11. How to color areas and create gradients 12. What are mattes and Quick Masks and how they relate 13. Four kinds of texts and their properties 14. How to mask an image 15. Several ways to transform and distort layers 16. Relations between selections, mattes and channels 17. How to crop or remove perspective 18. Layers and the advantage of using Smart Objects 19. Filters, Smart Objects and Smart Filters and how to use them correctly 20. Balancing an image 1 20. Balancing an image 2 22. Replacing Colors with two tools 23. All about vectorial shapes 24. How to erase different kinds of layers 25. Printing Correctly TOTAL 65 MINUTES. Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Apple TV.  
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