Talking “Ouija” Board for iOS

Ouija Board - Talking Board - Spirit Board - Mystic Board - Oracle Board - Witch Board+ THE BEST AND BEST SELLER “OUIJA-LIKE” BOARD + FOR IPHONE, SINCE 2008! The oldest Ouija board for iOS and the only one for TV! FEATURES
  • 20 EXCITING BOARD DESIGNS to choose from;
  • CREATE YOUR OWN BOARD DESIGNS, using a picture from the library or a picture from the camera. Lettering is applied automatically to any picture you choose or take;
  • ABILITY TO STORE UP TO 20 CUSTOM BOARDS, replacing the original ones;
  • ABILITY TO RESTORE the original boards replaced by your custom boards;
  • If you decide to turn Magic Move off, THE BOARD CAN BE CONTROLLED BY THE COMBINATION OF MOVEMENTS OF UP TO FOUR FINGERS at the same time (no other Ouija Board can do that!);
  • 3 PLANCHETTE SIZES to choose from;
  • YOU CAN SEND SCREENSHOTS of TalkingBoard to your friends;
A talking board, generically referred as “Ouija Board” and also known as spirit board, witch board, oracle board, mystic board or channeling board, is any flat board printed with letters, numbers, and other symbols, to which a planchette or movable indicator points, answering questions from people at a séance. The fingers of the participants are placed on the planchette that is moved by the spirits about the board to spell out messages. These boards are considered to be a spiritual gateway used to contact the dead or to receive information from beyond.

Imagine all quality time you will have with your friends or family. What are you waiting for?

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