Learn Photoshop CS6 Now

Photoshop CS6 course, curso Photoshop CS6A Photoshop Course created with the beginner in mind!

1. About this course;
2. Interface overview;
3. Colors (the foreground and background colors);
4. RGB, CMYK and how to get your image colors right;
5. All about brushes;
6. Making areas darken, lighter or monochromatic (Dodge, Burn and Sponge);
7. Making pixels blurred, sharpen or smudging ink (Blur, Sharpen and Smudge);
8. Difference between brush and pencil tools;
9. What are layers and blending modes;
10. What are selections, marquees, masks and mattes and how to use them;
11. Sampling colors, adding notes to images, measuring angles and pixels and counting elements;
12. How to use paint bucket and gradient tools;
13. Two ways for creating texts;
14. Creating amazing 3D texts;
15. Rotation, scale, distortion and perspective of layers;
16. How to cut or mask a layer;
17. How to save/load a selection and what are channels;
18. Cropping an image having fun undoing the perspective of elements;
19. Applying a filter to an image, how to use Filter Gallery, what Smart Objects are and how to use them in a powerful way;
20. Correcting degraded colors with using four different methods: Levels, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation and Curves;
21. Correcting degraded colors using two other methods: Selective Color and Replace Color;
22. Fixing the red eye problem;
23. Fixing the red eye problem using alternative methods.

:::: total = ~66 minutes of playing time


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