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3D Gadget camera track for Maya, Blender, Lightwave, Softimage, Adobe Premiere, 3D Stufio3D Gadget is a 3D Rotation Track for iOS for Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Lightwave, Cinema4D, After Effects and other 3D Applications. 3D Rotation Track for iOS is an app that lets you record 3D ROTATION information (NO TRANSLATION) of stationary objects: for example, a camera rotating in all directions on a tripod. 3D Gadget IS NOT A MOTION TRACK APPLICATION. It is a ROTATION TRACK APPLICATION. You must use this application on a stationary iPhone, preferably on a tripod, that can rotate freely in all 3 axes. As you rotate the iPhone, 3D Gadget will record all rotations and export this data to a Collada or Maya file, allowing you to have a camera inside your 3D Application like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Lightwave, Cinema4D, After Effects or any other 3D application, that rotates exactly like your iPhone did. Watch this video: [youtube video=]   Several situations where this app will be useful for you: 1) You need to create a complex camera animation. Simple, use your iPhone with 3D Gadget and rotate the iPhone as you like. Simple, you have just animated your 3D camera. 2) You need to shoot a video and track the rotations of your camera for post-production effects. Simple: strap your iPhone to the camera, start 3D Gadget and every camera rotation will be recorded. Now, you simply import the rotation information and your software camera will rotate like the real one did! The only limitation is your imagination. Download it for free now.  
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