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Learn Photoshop CS6 Now

A Photoshop Course created with the beginner in mind! LESSONS: 1. About this course; 2. Interface overview; 3. Colors (the foreground and background colors); 4. RGB, CMYK and how to get your image colors right; 5. All about brushes; 6. Making areas darken, lighter or monochromatic (Dodge, Burn and Sponge); 7. Making pixels blurred, sharpen or smudging ink (Blur, Sharpen…

Photoshop CC Course

Learn the easy way, how to use photoshop! CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL WITH 20+ YEARS OF MARKET EXPERIENCE AND AUTHOR OF 16 BOOKS IN EUROPE AND USA (APRESS) LEARN PHOTOSHOP CC NOW is a basic course about PHOTOSHOP. With 25 lessons and a total of 65 minutes of videos in english, this course shows in a hands on approach, how to…